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Rain rain go away come again another day!☔

Morning #pincha practice #yogaeverydamnday

Some seriously awesome inversion Queens in tonight @yyssdd so bummed I missed your epic head stand! Damn girl. Great class @celestineeleven. Every Tuesday 7pm, Every Thursday 6.45pm✌

Get your tan lines on! Yoga outside lovelies! Come and join us this Sunday - 5pm for Yoga on the Heath!✌🌞🌿 #steffyOga #yogaeverydamnday

I’ve been hopping all over the shop today! Turn your world upside down yo! #steffyOga #yogaeverydamnday

May I ever split? Give it a go on the wall!!! #yogaeverydamnday #steffyOga

See you Sunday - Hampstead Heath - 5pm! Book on the website for some seriously yummy yoga vibes: #steffyOga

Alrighhhhht alrighhhhht you have been asking for it. Secret Sunday this week takes to the outdoors. 5pm meet at Hampstead Heath station for some seriously summery summer vibes yo! Book on the website: #yogaontheheath #steffyOga

What a beautiful day. I hope you get to see some sun✌🌞

What a beautiful day. I hope you get to see some sun✌🌞

Our practice on the mat can be a mirror to our life off the mat. And right now there is nothing harder for me than actually getting on the mat in the first place. I dragged myself here. I made myself do it. Daily practice takes a ridiculous amount of will power and sometimes you just want to go and hang out with your friends but making Yoga part of your daily routine doesn’t have to mean 2 hours of sweating. Yoga can simply be stopping and checking in. Do it. Stop. Wherever you are. Close your eyes. And check in. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #steffyOga #consciousness

Tonight serving up some sweaty rocket: 7pm @celestineeleven in Shoreditch and 9pm @ Younique Old St! See you there. Mats are provided :)

Views from Shoreditch house, ahhhhh lovely class tonight! Thank you💕 #lullylambs #steffyOga #shoreditchhouse

These days✌🌞🌴 #yogaeverydamnday #goa #india

💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 @theyogapeople