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I have never had a yangy hammy! I’ve never been someone who was naturally blessed with open hips and open hamstrings, there are still days where I can’t touch my toes. 6 months ago I was a LONG way off the ground, I mean like I couldnt even get my hands on blocks. And although I have a long way to go, tonight I’m looking at how far I’ve come. I can’t believe that it kinda looks something like the splits. This was always something I thought would be IMPOSSIBLE. OH THE PLACES WE CAN GO DR SEUSS! #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #inspiration #practiceandalliscoming

A wonderful day of reading and researching and delving deeper into the world of Yin #dalailama #yinyoga

Regram @lydia_kaye this sums it all up! Cedric we love you! #shambala #ripcedric @willashurst

Check out the awesome Jane rocking a lovely tripod variation at my Soho House class! See you next week lovelies 10am Sat and Sun! #sohohouseyoga #yogaeverydamnday

THANK YOU wonderful Soho House Yogis! Awesome class and the sun is shining too!✌🌞 #steffyOga #sohohouseyoga #yogaeverydamnday

Soho House members see you at 10!x

Secret Sunday is off this week darlings while I rest up. BACK ON WITH BELLS NEXT WEEK 12.30pm✌💓😉 #steffyOga

SOHO HOUSE YOGA CREW you are da bomb!💣 Thank you for your beautiful energy this morning! See you tomorrow #sohohouseyoga #steffyOga #bakasana #yogaeverydamnday

Drop back it’s Friday! Feeling more human again but still not back practicing yet😢 gotta listen to our bodies people! #health #wellness #steffyOga #yogaeverydamnday


Time to get back on the mat!!! See my website for this week’s schedule: Here comes some well deserved R&R lovelies - don’t let the rain put you off, you won’t melt I promise✌#steffyOga #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #london

In need of some Ommmmmmmm💓 my “altar” @yoga_girl #yogagirlchallenge

Time to re balance after a big bank holiday weekend. Come and join me tonight for some lovely sweaty yoga vibes. Love love love💕
7pm: Dynamic yoga at Celestine Eleven - 4 Honeywell lane, Shoreditch
9pm: Hot Rocket at Younique - Old St
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #meditation #chakras #balance #celestineeleven #hotyoga