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Teaching at Yotopia in Covent Garden tomorrow at 12-12.45. Message me for deets peeps!💓

This Eastend yogi is hitting up the posh side of town. Teaching at Slice in Fulham at 7.30 - come and join meeee spennykins💓✌💋

Good morning Monday! Come see me at Yotopia, Covent garden, today at 1.30pm for a 45 min lunch time vinyasa blast!💓🙌✌

Guys teaching at Yotopia in Covent Garden TODAY at 12.30. Come on down for some good vibes! Please pre book at:

Pooped them out with a 45 min vinyasa blast #sohohouseyoga #yotopia #steffyOga

Soho house members - you lucky, lucky things! Your brand new Lululemon yoga mats have arrived ready for this weekend’s roof deck yoga! #sohohouseyoga #lululemon

#Tbt to crazy mosquitos, painful night time practices, exhausting morning practices, J&D, chanting, sanskrit, Patabi KNEW, Full moons, blood, sweat and tears, 30p coconuts, holy fest, pull up punishments, getting upside down, yogi paws, loosing yogi paws, blisters, Indian wedding, matcha overdose, shedding pounds, beach huts, meter long snake, ferrets in my room, toads through the sink hole, a bucket and spade for a shower. Absolute trip of a lifetime💓

Teaching an awesome sweaty 45 min class at Yotopia, Covent Garden tomorrow 12pm. Just £5. Message me for details honeyzzzz🐝

Make London your playground! #yoga #running #fun #handstands #nike #lululemon #yogaeverydamnday ✌😰🙌

Thank you to all the inspiring hot chicas in my life. Today I go for my first run in my entire adult life. I’ve got the gear, have I got the guts?! Thank you @adriennetmm @janeabouttown baddest PTs in town, here I go! #nike #lululemon #running #witnessthefitness

See you lovelies tonight!
7pm Dynamic yoga @celestineeleven
9pm Hot Rocket @ Younique #yoga #meditation #yogaeverydamnday

My private client and her pugs! First experience of Doga🐕 @coral_amiga you and Mud are next #woof #doga #yoga contact me for private sessions at #yogaeverydamnday

A lovely week of classes come and join me! #calmbeforethestorm

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong💓🙌 #yogaeverydamnday #sohohouseyoga #steffyOga

Find your balance✌ #steffyOga #yogaeverydamnday